Consultant, Production Manager, Writer, Editor, Videographer

I've spent the better part of 40 years having a hand in creating and capturing audio and video. Live, in studio, on the road and at home here in Ottawa I've learned the ins and outs of ever changing technologies as they have come and gone.  Cameras, lights, microphones, consoles, cables & computers, they're the tools of my trade, but they're just that, tools.

A means to an end.

My trade, what I have been blessed to become pretty good at, is understanding vision through conversation, a few words spoken here and there, observing and researching who my clients are, what they want and how to get them where they want to go.

My company is well equipped to provide a clear path to setting yourself apart from your competition by developing your key messaging, providing a quality creative experience and video deliverables you can be proud to post, host, share and talk up. I use Sony cameras, shoot in HD1080p and carry enough lighting & audio gear to produce high quality results suitable for web distribution at any level.

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